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SAKURA PROJECT with Children

What is the PURPOSE of this project?

Due to the globalization of the Internet, the distance between countries and culture disappear each day.
Nowadays, the understanding of people from different cultural-backgrounds and values is growing ever more important. Understanding and respecting the differences of cultures and people, seeking the way to express own self without using violence nor the language of violence- that will be the key factor for a peaceful coexistence among people with different beliefs and cultural-backgrounds.

Children with rich sensibilities, who understand the language of art and music…
Children who are not afraid to express their thoughts and feelings…
Children who see the purity of humans and beyond all differences…

The purpose of this project, started by the pianist TOMONA Miyazaki and the composer GINGA Kobayashi on 2006, is to guide, educate, and raise children with the qualities mentioned above.

And the communication “tool” of this project is “ART”.
“ART” is the language of the world, which doesn’t need translation.
“ART” would be the most suitable “language” for the new generation, a language that has no border between the virtual worlds.

What is the CONCEPT of this project?

To converse with others using the language of “ART” ? that is the concept of this project.

The children will listen to the theme music. Before they hear the music, they will not be provided any other information about it. After hearing the music, they will be asked to draw a picture of what they felt. This makes it easier and gives them a pure blank canvas to create their own world by using just their own imagination and fantasy after hearing the music.

The project ? TOMONA's “SAKURA PROJECT with Children” is very simple and the concept is easy to understand.

How to PARTICIPATE in the project?

Please contact us by E-mail.


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Tomona Miyazaki was born at pref. Kagawa Japan.
She graduated from the dept. of Instrumental Music of Faculty of Music at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Geidai) in 2000 and entered the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory the same year (class of Professor Valery Kastelsky).
In 2003 she finished post-graduate study at the Moscow Conservatory (class of Professor Sergei Dorensky).

At present Tomona Miyazaki continues her fruitful performance activity while staying in Russia. Tomona has been acquiring experience under the supervision of M. Harimoto, J. Kometani, H. Czerny-Stefanska, V. Kastelsky, A. Traub, S. Dorensky.
T. Gaidamovich and A. Bonduryansky introduced her to the world of chamber music.

The main events in Tomona’s performance activity’:
In 1994 she won the 1-st prize at the All Japan Student Music Concours in Osaka for high school student category.
And in 2004 she was awarded the 1-st prize among piano solists during an International Competition "Music without limits" in Lithuania.

Since 1996 up to now, she had performed at the various concerts held in Japan as well as in Russia, Austria, France, Lithuania, Mexico, Spain, Tajikistan, USA and Uzbekistan.
Tomona had performed with many Orchestras (such as Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, Nara Philharmonic Orchestra, Seto Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Gebandhaus Philharmonic Orchestra) and in 2009 she had performed Grieg's piano concerto a-moll with Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra under Pavel Kogan in Sochi and in the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow (Russia).

In 2003, first CD album "LUX EX TENEBRIS" and in 2005 second CD album “VIA AD SECRETUM” has been issued.
At the present, she is a member of the "Russian Music Foundation".

* GINGA KOBAYASHI (Composer/Arranger)

Learned electronic organ and composition from childhood.

In 1994 graduated from the philological faculty of University of Tokyo (major: Russian language and literature), and also finished the doctor course of the university.

1999-2002 studied Russian literature in Moscow State University, and at the same time learned playing the piano under National Artist of Georgia, M. D. Chkheidze and artistic reading under the leader of Studio of artistic reading in Moscow State University, N. N. Zakutaeva.

From 2008 works in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.